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Tory Burch Opens New Boutique

It usually takes decades for a designer to become known by just an initial or two. Think RL (Ralph Lauren) or Coco Chanel (linked C’s). But though she’s only been in the biz since 2004, Tory Burch outlet online gets immediate recognition for her double-T brand on bags, shoes and countless caftan tags. Her boho-meets-preppy aesthetic lures fans including Michelle Obama and Katie Holmes. The Philly native just opened her first D.C.-area boutique at Tysons Galleria (2001 International Drive, McLean, Va.; 703-288-0786).

You’re really popular here. What took you so long to open? I love D.C. I’ve had my eye on opening a store here ever since I started. One of my brothers went to Georgetown University, and it’s on my radar. People there are so interesting.

Yeah, but don’t we get a bad rep for not being fashionable here? I think D.C. women have a lot of style, though it’s a slightly more conservative way of dressing. When I visit, I always think, “Is this skirt the right length?”

What about Michelle Obama? Do you think she’s making the whole city seem more stylish? I love what Michelle Obama does – she’s stylish, and it’s great to have somebody in the White House who loves fashion like her.

Who else in D.C. do you dream of dressing? I would love to dress Hillary Clinton. I’m a huge fan of her and think she’d look great in our knits or our suits.

Yeah, I can see Hillary in Discounted Tory Burch Shoes, especially since I think your designs appeal to a wide age range.

When we launched in 2004, we were thinking of a customer who was 25 to 45. But we’ve found that women of all ages interpret our pieces. I also think some younger customers came in after we started being featured on “Gossip Girl.”

So what pieces from your spring and summer lines excite you?? Our denim is having an incredible response – we’ve got these higher-waisted, wider denim pants and colored jeans. I’m also interested in suit dressing. We did a striped suit with pants inspired by a pair of my father’s trousers.

You’re known for a couple of iconic pieces, like ballet flats and caftans. How do you keep those styles fresh?

I’m constantly pushing myself and my design team to look at things differently. I look at the tunic and ballet flat as basics. I’m interested in opening a store in D.C. because it gives an understanding of the whole collection. It’s more than tunics and flats!

Travel really influences your designs, doesn’t it? It’s a huge inspiration. I like to say that we’re an American christian louboutin shoes outlet with a global point of view.

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